The Better way of Buying Furniture

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Furniture is by its very nature , a Touch and Feel product, which means by and large virtually everyone who wants to buy quality furniture , be it for their home or office, want to physically interact with it, sit in it, feel the textures and materials, and of course physically verify it's suitability. While Furniture is now being sold online in India, it is often the more generic, lower value, modular type of furniture which the public feel comfortable buying virtually. One of the other pain points with buying furniture from traditional Online Marketplaces, is the long lead times before delivery , often running into weeks, especially the case with 'customized' furniture.

However most people actually want delivery within 2 days of purchase - a perfectly reasonable expectation. Our platform, Furnicha.com, aims to make it easier to to buy Furniture online by combining the Offline, Physical Stores, with a location specific platform that allows customers, of they so wish, to visit Stores and inspect the various items they may be interested in buying from any particular store within their city or even within a locale of their city.

On Furnicha.com, you will be able to find and discover online as well as physically hold, touch and feel all types of Furniture within a locality, thereby vastly expanding the options available to you as well as ensuring you are able to buy online or offline, as you prefer.We ensure a quality selection of established Stores and Shops which all offer unique collections of Furniture, Decor and Lighting to suit every customer's unique preferences.

Our platform currently covers New Delhi and Gurgaon, and we plan to soon have other major locations covered for you in due course.


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